Sea Water Sprays


Aloe Vera enhances and prolongs the moisturizing effect of isotonic sea water.

Sampling Area is classified as Class A.

• The Isotonic sea water has a high moisturizing effect powered by Aloe Vera that facilitates and prolongs the hydration of sea water hampering excessive microbial growth.

• To aid ease pathological processes that occur with nasal discharge, with improved moisturizing and protection against infections thanks to Aloe Vera.

• Adequate for nasal irrigation in cases of viscous nasal discharge and / or purulent and after endonasal surgery.

FREE NOSE® SEA WATER NASAL HYGIENE 120 ml in daily hygiene can help in basic therapeutic indications such as nasopharyngitis, rhinitis and sinusitis obstructive, non-productive, nasal dryness, hoarseness dry mucous membranes, as an adjuvant treatment O.R.L. and paediatric.

Instructions for use / dosage:
Shake the bottle before use.
Introduce the applicator gently in one nostril and press the pump to apply the product.
Allow to drain the excess solution to extract the mucus, and then blow.
Repeat the process in the other nostril to ensure the complete removal of mucus.
Spray and wash several times a day, depending on the severity of symptoms

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