Sea Water Sprays


Designed for adults and children of 6 years of age and above, this seawater nasal spray is provided with a self-locking tip for adults and children.

Presented in a 30ml spray bottle with a booster pump and no propellant gas, the seawater nasal spray is composed by 100% sea water and purified water.

• Stimulates the body’s natural defenses by washing the nostrils.
• Helps to avoid microbial proliferation and excessive dryness often found in nasal
• Promotes hydration of the nasal cavities.

The proper use of this sea water spray allows the therapeutical treatment of conditions such as nasopharyngitis, obstructive rhinitis and sinusitis. It is also an excellent supplement to ENT and indicated for pediatric treatments.

Instructions for use/dosage:
• Shake the bottle before use.
• Introduce the applicator gently in one nostril and press the pump to apply the product.
• Repeat the process in the other nostril to ensure the complete removal of mucus.
• Spray and wash several times a day, depending on the severity of symptoms.

Nasal applicator
Provided with anatomically designed nasal applicator.
30 ml spray bottle
Mechanical spray 30 ml bottle with booster pump and no propellant gas.

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