Sea Water Sprays


Designed for adults and children from 6 months of age and above, the seawater audio spray is presented in a 30ml spray bottle with a booster pump and no propellant gas. It also includes a special ear applicator.

This seawater audio spray allows the cleaning of the auditory canal ensuring a healthy state, and thus avoiding problems such as wax accumulation.
Its daily application helps to prevent wax build up and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness in the ears.

Used for ear hygiene and health.
It allows a delicate, efficient and safe cleaning of the ear canal.

Gently insert the cannula into the ear, loosely, with head upright.
Spray and dry gently.
Repeat in the other ear.
Spray and wash up to 3 times a day, depending on the intensity of the symptoms.
In case of excessive wax accumulation, leave in ear canal for 5-10 minutes to ensure complete cleaning.

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