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Nasal Spray Sesame Oil (+1)

Free Nose® Sesame Oil is a nasal spray recommended for adults and young children of 1 year of age. It is composed by pure sesame oil and natural tocopherols.

• Free Nose® Sesame Oil is a powerful lubricating, preservative-free nasal spray, made of 100% natural ingredients.
• It is perfect for the treatment of severe nasal dryness. It lubricates the nasal tissues while reducing irritation, itching and burning.

• Moisturizes and lubricates dry, irritated noses.
• Decreases the formation of nasal crusts.
• Helps protect nasal mucosa from small cracks.
• Reduces nasal irritation and itching.
• Reduces the build-up of uncomfortable dried mucus in the nostrils.
• 100% Natural ingredients. Preservative-free.

Treatment for an effective relief of dry and crusty noses.

Instructions for use/dosage:
• Shake the bottle before use.
• Introduce the nasal applicator gently in one nostril and press
the pump.
• Repeat the process in the other nostril.
• Pinch the nostrils gently.
• Apply 1-2 sprays in each nostril as often as required.

Hexagonal diffuser
Better distribution of the product in the nose
15 ml spray bottle
A 15 ml spray bottle with booster pump and no propellant gas

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