Nasal Sprays

Ear Protect Audio Spray (+6)

Relieves discomfort of the external auditory canal .
Lubricates and protects.

Including hyaluronic acid and aromatic plants as Tea Tree oil, Calendula and Verbena extracts.

The product is designed to aid the pathological process that occur with ear eczema. Ear eczema is characterized by presence of dry, red, inflamed or sensitive ear skin, very bad itching, rough or scaly patches and/or oozing or crusting zones. Hearing aids can sometimes exacerbate skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and lead to flare-ups of sensitive ear skin.
• The use of this spray can help in different ear eczema as an adjuvant of the medicinal treatments and can be used together with hearing aids and earpiece headphones to ease the discomfort produced by their prolonged use.
• EAR PROTECT relieves from discomfort lubricating and protecting the inner ear skin by forming protective film thanks to hyaluronic acid, plant oils and glycerinated plant extracts.

Instructions / dosage:
• Shake the bottle.
• Gently insert the ear applicator in the ear.
• Press the spray head in each ear.
• Repeat if it is necessary.
• For adults and children from 6 years as often as required.

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