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Equilink is a kids food supplement that is a suitable complement to help children deal with seasonal changes effectively stimulating their defenses and immunological system.

Formulated with echinacea,propolis and vitamins, it has the following benefits:
• Echinacea is very effective for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases of viral origin (such as common colds and flu). It is also used as an adjuvant in the treatment and prophylaxis of recurrent infections of the upper respiratory
tract (common cold)
• Propolis is known for its antiseptic and antibiotic effect.
• Vitamin B6 Contributes to normal psychological function
• Vitamin B12 is necessary to maintain energy and general vitality
• Product sweetened with sucralose. Suitable also for diabetics.

Recommended dose: 3 sprays / 3 times a day either directly into the mouth or on liquids or food such us water, juices, yoghurts, etc.

Oral Spray
Bottle of 10 ml with spray

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