Royal Jelly

TONUS (SUCRALOSE) Royal Jelly Drink 1000 mg

FORCE NRG®-S TONUS Royal Jelly Drink is especially recommended for people who have a very active lifestyle, helping to promote energy and vitality, and sweetened with sucralose.

It is a food supplement for adults with an orange flavour, and although it is sweetened with sucralose, it is also suitable for diabetics and to complement low calorie diets.

Shake before opening.
Strike down the over-cap.
Open and drink, alone or diluted in water or juice.
We recommend taking 1 vial before breakfast.

Large box with slipcase.
Compact box with tamper evident. First opening verification. The folding box remains recloseable at any time.
Plastic vials with plastic cover cap. Tear resistant. Excellent fit. Easy opening.

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