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Ysana® y-WOMAN menopause


YSANA® Y·Woman Menopause designed to work both day and night thanks to its 2 separated formula
FORMULA DAY with Lifenol® and Black Cohosh: helps to alleviate hot flushes, sweating and irritability and to regulate hormonal imbalance
FORMULA NIGHT with Lifenol® and Passion flower: helps to relieve menopause symptoms as well as to reduce anxiety and insomnia

• Strong improvement in quality of life. It helps to alleviate hot fl ushes, sweating and irritability and to regulate hormonal imbalance.
• 24h effect.
• Lifenol® or the extract of hop cones plays an important role in reducing the symptoms of menopause such as: hot fl ushes, sweating and irritability.
• Black cohosh also known as black snakeroot or bugbane, is a medicinal root which helps to reduce hot fl ushes and the sleep disturbance.
• Passion flower helps to reduce anxiety by increasing the levels of gamma aminobutyric acid; helps to reduce insomnia, depression, anger, headaches, and may be a great alternative to conventional hormone therapy.

1 tablet Formula DAY once in the morning.
1 tablet Formula NIGHT once in the evening.

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