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Monodose Drinkable Vial.

To combat the sensations of tired and heavy legs.

With Melilot extract, Ruscus root extract, Careless® and horse Chesnutt seed extract

A food supplement formulated to improve daily physical wellbeing of people with heavy legs thanks to its components:
• Melilot extract: contributes to an improvement of the circulation reducing tired legs sensation.
• Ruscus root extract: supports venous circulation, revitalizing, refreshing and bringing feeling of lightness to your legs.
• Careless®: improves microcirculation in healthy individuals.
• Horse Chesnut Seed extract: helps to proper blood circulation and support the healthy veins and capillaries, decreasing the sensation of heavy legs.

Indication: Especially recommended for adult population with tired legs.

Instructions / dosage: Shake before opening. Strike down the over-cap. Take one vial a day, can be mixed with a glass water or juice.

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