Adult Supplements


Monodose Drinkable Vial.

For management of the abdominal bloating and intestinal gas
With Fennel essential oil, Star anise, Ginger, Caraway and Cumin extracts.

A food supplement formulated it plant extracts called carminative intended for management of the abdominal floating and intestinal gas.

The combination of the ingredients produced smoot muscle relaxation of stomach and duodenum:

• Fennel essential oil: powerful carminative highly effective in achieving consistent relief of gastrointestinal symptoms and as a relaxant effect on intestinal smoot muscle reducing abdominal pain.
• Star anis extract: relief for upset stomach and symptoms of postprandial distress.
• Ginger glycerinated extract: has been widely used for centuries in gastrointestinal disorders particularly dyspepsia.
Contributes to digestive comfort.
• Caraway dry extract: beneficial to treat indigestion and accompanying intestinal gas.
• Cumin dry extract: can alleviate on the presence abdominal discomfort or pain

Indication: Indicated for those people who suffer discomfort such as swelling, burning or epigastric pain related after eating a meal or experienced after eating too much.

Instructions / dosage: Shake before opening. Strike down the over-cap, open and drink.

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