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YSANA® VITALINK FORTE D3 oral spray is a food supplement for adults that helps to fix calcium to the bones while aiding to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation from solar exposure. It is a suitable and easy to use complement that helps you have the daily recommended intake of vitamin D.

The intake of vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. It also regulates a large number of physiological functions and its receptors have been found to be present in nearly every tissue and cell in the body.

Additionally, it also reduces the risk of suffering from multiple sclerosis; it decreases the chance of developing a heart disease and it helps to reduce the likelihood of developing the flu.

Presented in two varieties:
• YSANA® VITAMIN D3 Oral Spray
• YSANA® VITAMIN D3 Oral Spray Forte

Consumption of vitamin D varies depending the geographic location. It is important to check it with a health care professional.

Bottle of 10 ml with spray.

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